Saturday, 12 February 2011


Statistically proven only 5% expectant mum-to-be laboured on their estimated due date. Unfortunately I am not one of those figure. No sign of show or labour yet, therefore finger-crossed the long awaiting moment be here soon. I feel the baby head is lower (3/5) and in the right position for labour rather than his/her back is tilted on my right hand side. Probably, its run in my family, my sisters' first babies were overdued between 5-12 days.

I should try increasing oxytocin level to induce labour naturally....eating fresh pineapple, stimulating nipples, having sex, etc.??? Mid-wife appoinment Thursday, 17th February; then if nothing happen yet, she will book me in for hospital induction latest by 23rd February as full term pregnancy can't stretch beyond 42 weeks. Please wish me luck and smooth labour hopefully!

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Blooming, tired and exhausted

Taking 2 weeks annual leave, follow by 52 weeks maternity leave...hiphip hoorah..... officially lady of leisure until the baby born...estimated due date 12/02/2011. Therefore, put my feet up and relax.

Gained 7 kgs so far but still blooming like a wheel-barrow in front. Prescribed (yesterday) hand support (splints) for both hands to protect wrist and tingling palms caused by Carpal Tunnel since 6 weeks ago.
Feeling the strain and reached full term now and can go into labour any time, very scary and excited. Need to write birth plan soon, today I supposed.

Packed hospital bags for baby and myself, fitted car seat, baby moses basket, baby push-chair (travel system), most baby essential - clothes, caps, jacket, babygros, sleepsuits, bodysuits, bibs, blankets, fleece, bathing support tub, feeding and steriliser steamer, breast pump, little ones daily necessities and grooming kits, soft toys, baby night projector, bedding, etc....can't believe how much a tiny baby need :-)

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

First Wedding Anniversary (24/10/2010)

Can't believe it, time flies and its our first wedding anniversary!

We attended Sunday morning service at St. John's Church, where we were married. Lots of unfamiliar faces and curate whom married us and few familiar faces that we knew weren't there. Visited Sunday Farmer's market supporting local farmers and their products: bought mergets, Toulouse and Lincolnshire sausages, Blue cheese, smoke duck breast, Cornish pastie, pumpkins (for cooking soup) and Rustic apples.

We had fantastics 3 courses meal at Luton Hoo Hotel, Wernher Restaurant (formal dining room). Have a leisurely stroll at Formal and Rock Gardens and watch the world goes by.

Friday, 1 October 2010

Anamoly Scan 20w 5d (30/09/2010)

I drank 2 pint s (6 glasses) of non fizzy water within an hour before the anamoly scan (20-23 weeks). West Herfortfordshire Hospital have a no sex determine on fetus policy. Therefore, its gonna be a surprise for us. We gotta buy baby stuffs in nuetral colours, i.e black, grey, white, creamy but not pink or blue, how lovely.

Seeing the perfectly form baby for the very first time is quite emotional and I see his/her little arm moving, sweet little lips, lungs, heart beats, spinal chord, fully formed face and body, limbs/legs, kidneys, bladder and etc. I just want to hold my little angel tightly and comfort him/her. The report showed no obvious abnormality and average growth.

Thursday, 30 September 2010

Amniocentesis Test

Test brought forward to 25th August instead due to consultant schedule. Been briefed 1:25 (4%) risk of Trisomy 21 and 0.75-1.0% miscarriage after the procedure. We determined to have the further test to confirm the chromosomes abnormality.

The consultant drawn 16ml of amniotic fluid from my uterus with a thin needle poked through stomach with probe from scan. This procedure have to be done within 15th week but not later than 16th week just in case the fetus grow bigger. I have to put up my feet and rest for at least 48 hours without any house-work and refrained from work too.

Fortunately, the trisomy test for chromosomes 13, 18 and 21 is normal and I can carry on with my pregnancy as nothing happened.

Nuchal Translucency and Dating scan 13w and 2d (09/08/2010)

My EDD brought forward from 18th February to 12th February, 2010. I have triple test where blood test, dating and Nuchal (normally scan from 11w till 13+6 weeks) at the same time. My blood markers result ain't great and the Nuchal Translucency screening is 28mm (higher that average 25mm or lower).

Therefore, I have been categorised as increased risk for Trisomy 21 or baby with Down Syndrome or Chromosomes 21 abnormality. It had been a stressful and dreadful week ahead since the midwife rang to arrange for an amniocentesis procedure scheduled on 26th August, 2010.

Thursday, 9 September 2010


I heard my baby first ever FHHR (Fetal Heart Heard Regularly) during routine 17 weeks check-up. beating so fast and strong. Average beat 16-20 per minute. Occasionally heard his/her movement too. BP 100/50 and all well so far.